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Complete your Spanish experience with exciting  vibrant Flamenco entertainment;  Sydney Flamenco Stars




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Sydney Flamenco Stars  provides exclusive Live Flamenco Entertainment direct from Spain. Raw, passionate, vibrant and colourful, Flamenco at it's best!


Choose from a small, medium or large scale performance troupe to suit your event's needs. 

Small format Cuadro Flamenco - Combination of 2 to 3 performer troupe:  1 Flamenco dancer with guitarist / 2 Flamenco dancers with guitarist/ Flamenco dancer with guitarist and singer 
Medium format Cuadro Flamenco - 4 to 6 performer troupe: 2 Flamenco dancers with guitarist and singer/ 4 Flamenco dancers with guitarist and singer.
Large Format Cuadro Flamenco - 7 + performers...
Whatever your event needs, contact us for a quote
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