Your churro supplier 

Churros La Flamenca offer a versatile take away option. From freshly made on premise or fresh frozen for home catering contact us we can work to meet your needs.


Our product Our Churros are egg free, and yeast free, with no added preservatives. Our fresh ready made Churros are frozen at -18 degrees to maximise flavour and freshness.

All natural ingredients flour, water, salt and sunflower oil.

Fillers for Churros are caramel and chocolate

Our “Valor” Spanish drinking chocolate is authentic and perfect for dipping.

Our caramel dipping sauce is a trusted Farmdale brand and delicious.

Portion sizes-

The Plain churros are 25 cm in length and are looped.

The filled churros are about 15 cm length, these are straight churros

If needed we can also supply biodegradable paper cups and boxes for serving at a cost.


Are you looking for something different for your small catering business? Or want to impress your guests?








Preparation for in house events or home catering.

Preheat oven to 250 degrees and cook the churros for about 4 minutes, cook filled churros for about 5 minutes.

Chocolate and caramel can be heated in a pot to 85 degrees to maximise flavour or in the microwave for a few minutes. ( Avoid taking it to boiling point)


Delivery charges: All delivery charges are based on distance from Bankstown 2200 NSW:Sydney Metro fee Ranges from $20 to $40 depending on location.guarantee of 48 hours delivery.


Please contact us for details.








1 Box of 100 Churros                             $80.00


1 Box of 100 Filled Churros                 $200.00


1 Litre Valor Chocolate = 15 Cups           $25.00


1 Litre Caramel =15 Cups                        $25.00


1 Kilo Cinamon Sugar Mix                     $10.00



Retail Give your customers a taste of freshly made Churros and keep on coming back for more. We provide a convenient quick option of ready made Churros, in various pack options. Make them based on demand. Furthermore, our detailed instructions on storage and how to cook the pre-made Churros will ensure your customers are always satisfied and you have time for servicing your customers needs.


Events Make your events unforgettable by hiring us to cater for your guests to celebrate any special occasion. Churros La Falmenca offer a fantastic treat option for all ages perfect for all occasions, birthdays to corporate events. WE offer various pack options and several Churros options with instructions for self-catering. However we offer a specialised catering service to meet your needs form 10 people to large scale events.


Delivery Sydney Churros can arrange for delivery within Sydney Metro area, outside metro areas may require a booking fee. Please contact us for details.