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Are you looking for Authentic Spanish Churros?




We specialize in Churros - 100% Original Spanish taste.

We are a company based in Sydney. Our family has made churros with their own traditional family recipe for decades in Spain.
We handmake our dough, every morning we prepare our own Churro dough by hand, using tradicional ingredients as old as time itself.
The dough is fried at the right temperature, so that each batch is cooked expertly ensuring crisp Churros that are fluffy on the inside.
We produce authentic style Churros from Madrid (Spain), these are thin and crispy.
The ingredients we use are flour, water, salt and sunflower seed oil. 
An unforgetable experience, accompany your exquisite Churros with a luxurious and velvety `Valor` Spanish Hot Chocolate


Whatever your event needs, contact us and we will tailormake our range of Spanish Churros to suit you


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